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Apartments for rent in South End Massachusetts

About the South End

South End, Massachusetts
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Living in the South End

Located just south of the Back Bay with convenient access to the shopping along Newbury Street and the selection of local restaurants the South End is an enclave of brownstones and pocket parks where you can hear the birds and the occasional barking of a dog or laughter of a child. The South End is convenient to the rest of Boston but since it was settled a little later than the North End, Beacon Hill and Charlestown more attention was given to its overall plan. As was common at the time of its development the streets are wider, house lots deeper and zoning requirements stronger to foster a more uniform neighborhood not unlike the Back Bay which was settled just prior to the South End.

Amenities in the South End

A strong sense of civic pride saved this area in the 1980's and helped it become a treasured neighborhood by the late 1990's. In general the area is less commercial than equally beautiful areas of the Back Bay and the deeper house lots afford residents an opportunity to exercise their green thumbs more creatively than on the smaller lots of Beacon Hill. There are two primary commercial areas in the South End where one can find outdoor cafes, a green grocer, a bakery and tucked in on Shawmut a beloved local shop, Formaggio where patrons can find a delectable selection of grocery items to spruce up the most mundane of Monday night walks home.

South End Parks, Greenery, & accessibility

Attention to urban living is further enhanced by the dog parks, a community garden and access to the parallel park named for Pierre Lallament, which runs from Back Bay Station to Jamaica Plain. For those who prefer mass transit over cycling the area is primarily served by the Orange Line and buses. Easy access to I-93 and the Massachusetts Turnpike make the South End appealing to those who may like to explore beyond the city limits.

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