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Apartments for rent in Brighton Massachusetts

About Brighton

Brighton Massachusetts
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Finding the Right Apartment in Brighton

Brighton, MA. is located just 6 miles from downtown Boston. This area consists of several different neighborhoods, each with its own appeal and charm. Find an apartment in Oak Square, Brighton Center, Cleveland Circle, and Washington & Commonwealth.

Oak Square & Brighton Center

Oak Square and Brighton Center are great areas for people who have graduated from college and don't want to be awoken in the middle of the night by college kids. If you are a working professional in your 20's, Brighton Center and Oak Square are perfect areas to live. Oak Square borders Newton on the East and is filled with tree-lined streets. There is a good mix of families as well as young professionals in this area, not a lot of undergrads. The landmark in Oak Square is the Oak Square YMCA at the intersections of Faneuil Street and Washington, right by the fire station. If you are looking for nightlife, there are plenty of exciting options close by!

Cleveland Circle

Cleveland Circle is a fantastic area for the active student looking for an apartment on the outskirts of the city, with easy access to all 3 Green lines, the B,C and the D line. Cleveland Circle also borders the Chestnut Hill reservoir which is a great loop to run, bike and/or walk the dog. There are several shops and restaurants can be found in Cleveland Circle, Cityside is a personal favorite. Make your way to the roof deck on a nice day for a great view of Cleveland Circle.

Location, Location, Location

Living in Brighton is a commuters dream. Oak Square and Brighton Center offer much easier street parking than most parts of Allston and in either of these locations, you're really close to both the Mass Pike and Storrow Drive. Both Brighton Center and Oak Square are located along several bus lines but not the "T", that's the trade off for easy parking.

With a large variety of restaurants and bars in the area, easy parking and access to the Mass Pike and Storrow Drive, it's easy to see why apartments in Brighton have become a choice destination for college students and young professionals in the Boston area.

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