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Apartments for rent in Allston Massachusetts

About Allston

Allston Massachusetts
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Living in Allston

Allston, MA, also known as "Rock City" due largely in part to the heavily influenced music scene, and being the birthplace of the band Aerosmith. Allston is split up into several different sub-sections, each with their own culture, reputation, and benefits. For instance, you might want to consider Allston Village, home of the Model Cafe and true paradise for hipsters. For a more lively scene, Packards Corner might be the spot to be if your weekend isn’t complete without seeing a show at the Paradise Rock Club and grabbing a drink at Wonder Bar afterward, Harvard & Commonwealth Ave may be right up your alley.

Diversity & Professionalism

While Allston is mainly known for college kids and hipsters, if you are a young professional and are seeking an affordable house with an easy commute into Cambridge, and Downtown, with access to the Pike and Storrow Drive, Lower Allston might be your ideal location for a new apartment.

Lower Allston is a short bike ride to Harvard Square, Cambridge. Another neighborhood to consider looking for apartments in Allston is along Commonwealth Ave near, aptly named, Allston Street. This area is preferred by many due to its short distance from the Whole Foods grocery store as well as it being an easy bike/walk to Coolidge Corner in Brookline.


Allston is conveniently located between the popular areas of Brighton, Cambridge, Fenway / Kenmore, Back Bay, and Downtown Boston. For easy access in and out of Allston, there are many bus routes, train stations, and access to and from the highway.

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