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Frequently Asked Questions


Common Questions Regarding Preview Properties & Rental Expectations In Boston!

While the rental process may seem confusing & fast paced, your not necessarily wrong, as Boston has a high population of both Students, young professionals, and families that flock to this region

    What Are Your Hours?
  • Our office is open from Monday- Friday 8AM-8PM with varying hours on the weekends, if you have a question regarding a specific rental property contact us directly at 617-731-0101! or send us an Email!
    What Cities & Towns Do You Rent?
  • Our rental units are spread throughout Boston Proper but we also have a variety of units in Allston, Brighton, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brookline, Cambridge, Charlestown, The North End, South End, & and more! Click here to search our current rental availability!
    How Can I Determine My Rental Budget In Boston?
  • The general rule of thumb for determining your budget based on your income is going to be between 20-30% of your total income. To make the process easier, create a list of monthly expenses, combined with monthly income and this can help determine, your sweet spot as well as giving you a better idea of what is financially manageable based on your current income
    What Do I Need To Rent An Apartment In The Greater Boston Area?
  • Generally you will need to provide a valid proof identification, a pay stub from your employer; however if you are a new renter, you may be required to have a cosigner sign your lease agreement
    What Is a Cosigner & Why Would I Need One?
  • For an apartment rental, a Cosigner is a generally an extra guarantee that someone will be held liable if rent payments are not made, this is a common occurrence for college students and new renters
    What Is A Lease Agreement?
  • A Lease agreement is a binding contract between the lessor and lesse that states specific rules to living in a rental unit, this covers various rules such as, damage to the apartment, rules regarding smoking, and other various guidelines to protect both renter and landlord
    How Do I learn About Apartment Pet Policies?
  • Pet Policies will vary depending on the landlord / property, if you will be moving with a pet it is wise to inform your realtor prior to looking at apartments as this will help you find an ideal living situation. More often than not, rental units may allow pets at a monthly charge. Service animals are exempt from this rule
    Every Apartment I like gets Rented Before I Have The Chance to View It, What Do I Do?
  • This follows on the note that Boston has an incredibly competitive rental market, if you find a place that you absolutely love, your best bet to secure the property is to call and schedule a showing as soon as possible, and don't forget that checkbook!
    How Do Find Out What My Utilities Are?
  • Prior to moving into your new apartment, you should be informed of the current utility providers for gas, electricity, water and so forth, if you have a question contact your realtor or consult with your lease agreement as it may provide helpful information

Do You Have Additional Questions About Renting In Boston? Call us today! 617-731-0101!